Anatomy in Motion

Correction, Rehab and Performance

Anatomy in Motion (AiM) is a completely new way of looking at pain and dysfunction, created by Gary Ward author of What The Foot? He has become a household name since appearing on BBC’s Doctor In The House. AiM is a systematic approach to assessing and influencing movement. Much of the chronic pain people experience can be mapped to problems in how they move. Correcting these problems helps the body return to balance and creates space for the healing to begin.The goal is to shine a light on pain and unknown limitations and guide each person to restore lost movement patterns.


1. 90 min assessment

2. Detailed health history

3. Movement analyses

4. Biomechanical gait video analysis

5. AiM corrective techniques

6. Tailored exercises designed for you

A full history is taken in order to understand where your body has come from and what it has been through. If there was a time when you lived without pain then there must be a reason as to why it ended up in pain. It is Raluca’s goal to discover why you are experiencing discomfort and then look at bringing the body’s alignment back so it can heal itself. Our bodies often will only heal to efficiency, not perfection. Sometimes efficiency leaves us with some strange adaptations to past injuries.