Nutrition- energy for the body

To function properly, the human body needs a daily intake of a full range of essential nutrients including a variety of fruits vegetables, pulses, whole grains, meats, fish and selfish and healthy oils. The food we eat contains two main categories of nutrients: macronutrients and micronutrients. We need macronutrients in a large quantity every day; they are the foundation of any diet. They include proteins, carbohydrates and fats and provide energy. Vitamin and minerals are found in small amounts in foods and make up the nutrients. They play a critical role in maintaining the body’s normal processes and functions. The key to achieving a healthy balance diet is to eat a wide variety of different foods.

The body gets energy, which is essential for life from food.

Our body is using the energy in various ways: some energy we use to maintain the critical day-to-day bodily functions that help us survive, such as breathing, heart rate and other unconscious or involuntary activities. We also use energy through our conscious daily activities, which can range from sedentary such as sitting, reading, watching television, to participating in strenuous exercise and sport. Even activities such thinking and sleeping require energy.

During some stages of our lives and in certain circumstances including : childhood, pregnancy, breast-feeding, athletic training or when we are sick or recovering from illnesses , surgeries,  severe injuries, the body require extremely high energy  to repair and to function properly.

If we don’t give  the body extra energy that body require  by the food we eat, wounds may not heal and a full recovery will take longer to occur.

For optimum health, the energy we use in activities must balance the energy we obtain from food.


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