Hello everyone,

My name is Raluca-Elena Tuluianu and to make a long story short, at not even 13 years old, I experienced the first taste of victory. Together with the handball team, I won my  first national title.  Achieving a Gold Medal was an honour for me to bring back to my home town. This was the beginning of my career as an athlete that lasted 10 years. Throughout these years I not only tasted  victories, but also endured  many defeats.  As a performance athlete  nothing is more beautiful than going out a winner and nothing is more painful than investing months or years of work and not reaping the fruits of that  labor.

Like most people growing up, my life was a series of big and small successes surrounded by some sizable failures.

A love of sport, anatomy,  physiology and pain science mixed with a fascination and longing to understand peak experiences,  led me to study at the best schools of Personal Trainers and Sports Therapists in Ireland  and I am  proud to be an Anatomy in Motion Practitioner studying  with  and sharing case-studies with the best therapists from all over the world.

Through my studies, I finally started to connect the dots and to become an active participant.My personal victories and failures have equipped me to guide others to become physically and mentally tough and reach  their big goals. Now,  after years of experience, working with amazing patients showing them how to achieve measurable success and stay pain free, my mission is to help you to stay healthy and to perform at the top of your game!





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